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About Hyon Kwon

Equipment is one important part of photography.  I started out with a Minolta 7000i 35mm film camera when I was in high school.  I moved up to a used Nikon F4s in college and was busy roaming around the mountains taking nature photos.  One day trying to get an awesome shot of a hidden water fall deep in the woods, I fell into the fast-moving white waters trying to cross it.  I slipped into the water, but I was so lucky to grab onto a large rock while I was slipping in the water.  You will not be seeing this if it wasn’t that rock I grabbed onto…

I shifted my focus to sports photography after that near-death experience.  The 96 Olympics came to the US, and I was there volunteering for it.  I was armed with my fast Nikon N90s.  It wasn’t the fastest, but it was enough to do the job! 

I moved in to the Nikon F5 and really loved it!  It was the best camera I have ever used.  I know a lot of you liked the Canon 1v with the 10 fps and lots of lenses with IS.  But there was something about that Nikon F5 I dearly loved! 

I bought a Nikon D70 to try out the new digital cameras in 2004, and I fell in love with digital.  It wasn’t quite there yet to compete with the film cameras, but it was sure convenient.  Soon after I bought the D200 and start taking sports picture with it.  The D200 was very good, but it was not fast enough in high school football games.  The focus was accurate, but it took too long to get the shot. 

I picked up a Canon 30D with a 70-200mm F2.8L lens and headed to the football game, and my heart was stolen that night.  I sold all my Nikon gear including a D2h and switched over to Canon.  I purchased a 1DM2n and a bunch of L lenses.  Canon 5d version 1 was followed by version 2 and 3 for the next 10 years with Canon.

I made another big turn in 2017 and switched from Canon to Sony.  I currently use Sony a7rii, a7r and a6300.  The reason for the switch was because of the IQ of the Sony and the equipment size and weight.  The Sony system gets heavy with the fast lenses, but the a6300 system is very light and compact.  I still have several Canon 7DM2 for sports.  The Sony is not just ready for sports just yet.  I am also into Fuji gear for personal work. 

I am not a working professional photographer.  I am a volunteer photographer ready to help out where my skill is needed.  I am planning to start a charity for taking pictures for families who can’t afford a family or wedding picture.  I will post more details as soon as it is ready to be shared.  Thank you for visiting my page!

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